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20th Anniversary Predictions

20 word predictions from 20 firms on next 20 years

Responses from member firms:

Almeida Advogados (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Natalie Yoshida
“Brazil is going to consolidate its leadership role in Latin America, diversifying its once commodities-driven economy to emerging sectors.”
Apex Juris (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Makkawi Awad
“Dubai is emerging as the Global Islamic Finance hub. Business opportunities in financial and non-financial sectors services are unlimited. Expo 2020 adds greater opportunities.”
Bener (Isyanbul, Turkey)
David Clark
“A fast emerging economy with challenges, the republic’s 100th anniversary in 2023 adds incentive for impressively ambitious growth and development.”
Bufete Aguirre Soc.Civ (La Paz, Bolivia)
Ignacio Aguirre
“The new Constitutional order established has brought and will bring profound changes in the Bolivian legal regime in all areas of activity.”
BWSP Hammond Bogaru & Associates (Bucharest, Romania)
Nicholas Hammond
“Further integration into Europe and maturing of the profession into an effective force for the rule of law. Rise of direct foreign investment.”
BWSP Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Donika Ilieva
“Increased number of innovations, medical and pharmaceutical cases, start-ups. Stress on data transfer and privacy. Smaller market larger competition. Regional partnerships gaining momentum.”
Caiado Guerreiro (Lisbon, Portugal)
Ricardo Costa Macedo
“Rise of the Portuguese speaking legal market with a common legal basis and business within that market, encompassing 300M people.”
Camilleri Preziosi (Valletta, Malta)
Louis de Gabriele
“The re-regulation of the legal profession through statute; a reform of the judicial system; and the consolidation of smaller law-firms.”
Clark Hill (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)
Don Lee
“We see law firms hiring non-attorney professionals to be part of a team that will deliver clients a business/legal solution.”
Davidson Chalmers (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Rob McInally
“Further uncertainty arising from the continuing debate around UK and Scottish constitutional arrangements, and the likely legal challenges to any proposed changes.”
DeBenedetti Majewski Szczesniak (Warsaw, Poland)
Dariusz Szczesniak
“Fields of law traditionally covered by small firms or individual lawyers shall be developed by medium and larger law firms.”
Delmar Ugarter Abogados (Lima, Peru)
Manuel Ugarte
“Peruvian companies are becoming multinationals and this creates great opportunities for legal networks, providing a better service to our expanding client needs.”
Durrett, Rosehill & Ma (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Jonathan Durrett
“Hawaii serves as the modern gateway to Asia and North America with a vibrant  economy ingeniously hedged against market swings in both regions.”
Dyah Ersita & Partners (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Andrew Sriro
“Deep understanding of cultural influences, strong community and personal relationships and compliance with the prolific regulatory environment remain key to doing business.”
Edwards, Kenny & Bray (Vancouver, Canada)
David Allman
“Transactions will become increasingly complex, while in-house counsel will be under increased pressure to manage the cost and performance of external counsel.”
Eugene F Collins (Dublin, Ireland)
Terry Leggett
“Equipping Lawyers to project manage large cases involving failed corporations/hedge funds necessitating advanced technology platforms to cope with the volume of documentation.”
Garvey Schubert Barer (Seattle, USA)
Gregg Rodgers
“Global expansion creates the need for responsive, cost-effective, unified cross-border legal services – the Globalaw network of firms provides a solution.”
Golden Gate Lawyers (Beijing, China)
Tim Meng
“The number of Chinese lawyers will be doubled, lawyers will be more specialized, and foreign-trained lawyers will play a bigger role.”
Guerrero Olivos (Santiago, Chile)
Sebastian Yunge
 “In the next twenty years we will see increasingly less court litigation and more arbitration and out of court dispute resolution mechanisms.”
 Roberto Guerrero“The consolidation of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru) is a real opportunity for growth throughout the Latin American region.”
Huth Dietrich Hahn (Hamburg, Germany)
Martin Wolff
“The international legal market will experience increasing competition. Those jurisdictions which can offer efficient and cost-effective services and predictable rulings will prevail.”
Jackson Walker L.L.P. (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Bryan Birkeland
"The legal community in the US appears to be continuing to consolidate resulting in larger 200plus and smaller boutiques."
LALIVE (Geneva, Switzerland)
Jean Paul Vulliéty
Christiane de Senarclens
“Increasing influence of European legislation on Swiss Company law will affect commercial contracts. New landscape for financial services industries will drastically change Swiss banking.”
Legal Advisory Council Limited (Bangkok, Thailand)
Pornprom Karnchanachari
“Establishment of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will allow greater free movement, requiring more legal support as a region fully integrated into the global economy.”
Lexincorp (San José, Costa Rica)
Arnoldo André-Tinoco
“The International Interdependence will provoke more Arbitration and Interaction between Civil and Common law. More negotiation instead of confrontation.”
Maio Legal (Madrid, Spain)
Marco Bolognini
“Spain will strengthen his role as the most effective business bridge for investments from LATAM to Europe and from Europe to LATAM.”
Mazanti-Andersen, Korso Jensen & Partners (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Philip Thorsen
“Development of technology, in-sourcing of general counsels, standardization of "bulk" legal services and specialization of high-end services will be drivers.”
MJM (Hamilton, Burmuda)
Jeremy Leese
“Legitimate usage will ensure offshore financial centres remain buoyant, albeit with greater policing and more consolidation of legal service providers.”
Molitor (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Michel Molitor
“Precedence in fund market maintained, banking secrecy replaced by additional incentives to UHNWIs, more private equity business, increased Chinese investment.”
Pérez Bustamante & Ponce (Quito, Ecuador)
Ximena Bautista
“We foresee two trends impacting the Latin American region: the ‘commoditization’ of legal work and the strengthening of relations with China”
Pinzón Pinzón & Asociados (Bogota, Colombia)
Mauricio Pinzón
“A rising participation of the region in a globalized world will force the law firms to expand across our borders.”
Stubenberg Law (Honolulu, Hawaii)
James Stubenberg
“World-wide terror continues and will continue to make Hawaii a top investment choice for the tourism and the hospitality markets”
Wanger Advokaturburo (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)Markus Wanger
 “Legal industry will have to compete with other international markets offering the same quality and internationality in their services like other major places.”
Wrede & Co (Helsinki, Finland) Kenneth Wrede “The future of Russia will have a significant input on the legal industry in Finland as a EU member state.”
Yamasaki and Partners (Tokyo, Japan)Stephen Harris
“The Government’s encouragement of economy / innovation technology growth, plus the recent increase of attorneys, should lead to much more legal work.”
Zvi Tamir & Co (Tel Aviv, Israel)Erel  Tamir
 “Israel shall strengthen its position as a global center for innovation companies, with Asia-Pacific investors continuously growing their share of investments.”

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